Friday, 27 May 2011

FAMILY LIFE ~ First Wiener Roast of 2011

Successfully roasted "dog"!
Earlier this month, Alisdair and Isobel enjoyed their first wiener roast of the season in our backyard.  I hasten to add, this was prior to the tragic fire in Slave Lake, Alberta.  Since that took place, we haven't had a fire as it is just too dry.

The neighbouring R. M. of Manitou Lake has imposed a total fire ban and although we are in the R. M. of Hillsdale, we have similar conditions.  I'm sure the ban will be lifted in a little while and the children will be able to have a few more outdoor meals.  I think they enjoy cooking the hot dogs and marshmallows more than they enjoy eating them!

Chef Alisdair with his "dog"

All dressed ...

. . . into the flames . . .

. . . almost charred enough to eat!

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