Thursday, 19 May 2011

CELEBRATIONS ~ Kindergarten Class Hosts "Mother's Day Tea"

Chit Rose and her daughter, Dianne
(One of Isobel's classmates)
Isobel's Kindergarten class held a "Mother's Day Tea" on Friday, May 6th.

Most of the mothers attended for the short program and refreshments.  The children sang several songs and then the teacher read a little book the students had put together.  Each child had drawn a page and the teacher had written on it why they loved their Mother.  Isobel said she loved me because we "cuddled in church and I gave her snacks!" After the entertainment, the children served puffed wheat cake and rice krispie squares to their Mums, accompanied by tea or juice.  After we'd eaten, the children played while the Mothers visited.

Before long, the tea was over and it was back to regular classes for the Kindergarten students ... definitely "a special moment to remember!"

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