Wednesday, 4 May 2011

CURRENT EVENTS ~ The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton ~ Friday, April 29, 2011

The balcony kiss
Although we were far from London and the pagentry of the Royal Wedding, Alisdair wanted to watch "history in the making."  He went to bed early, and after sleeping for a couple of hours, got up again around midnight.  We watched the entire CBC broadcast with Peter Mansbridge.  These are some of Alisdair's impressions of the event:

"Union Jacks were flying everywhere across the screen.  Before the Royal Wedding began, CBC did a short segment on the history of Westminster Abbey.  Prince William and Catherine Middleton are the 16th Royal couple to be wed at the Abbey.  Kate's dress, in my opinion, was very lacy and the design was brilliant.  All the ladies, in attendance, wore hats or fascinators.  Some of the hats were kind of crazy and I am glad I didn't have to wear them!  There were 5,000 security officers on duty and approximately one million people were predicted to line the streets of London for the occasion. My Mother fell asleep before the balcony scene.  I had to poke her, to get her awake, in time for the little peck that was going to happen! ... (That's the second time I've had to wake her up for an important event.  See our blog post, "The Peace of Christ Be With You," dated December 28, 2010). A lot of people were happy the wedding was made an official Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom, so they got extra time off work!"

"I had the day off work, too!  I was so tired, after staying up all night watching TV, that my stepdad said I should go have a nap.  While I was sleeping, Mum and Isobel did my newspaper route.  I also got the day off from regular school work, because I had been learning about history all night!  I hope that the Royal Couple are very happy and will have some good times together."

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