Wednesday, 4 May 2011

HEALTH ~ HEPATITIS 'B' Vaccination Series Completed

The telephone rang.  When I answered, it was the local Public Health Nurse on the other end of the line.  Could Alisdair come over to the clinic for the last of his series of immunizations Saskatchewan students receive in Grade 6?  Reluctantly I made the appointment, as I knew he would be upset.

This was the third time we'd had to meet with her for a Hepatitis 'B' immunization as it is given in three doses.  On one of the first occasions, Alisdair tried to tell the Nurse that he wasn't going to be a drug user and he wasn't going to "sleep with a lot of partners" so therefore he didn't need the shot.

Alisdair was also very concerned about the possibility the vaccines contained "high levels of mercury."  Although she appreciated his knowledge about the reasons for having the shots, the Public Health Nurse didn't "buy" his excuses and neither of us let him off the hook!  She tried to reassure him that she wouldn't have immunized her own daughters, if it wasn't safe to do so.  Regardless, it was a relief to get the procedure over with!

Notice of Immunization
The Public Health Nurse said the next set of booster shots are not until Grade 8 ~ so it's good to know we don't have to go through this again for a while!

In his search to find evidence against getting children vaccinated, Alisdair found this amusing video by Sid the Science Kid called, "It's Gonna Help A Whole Lot," which was made by PBS.  Enjoy!

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