Saturday, 21 May 2011

READING ~ 125 Books and Counting ... 150 will be Just Around the Corner!

We didn't really set a specific numeric goal for our reading but we're just seeing how many titles we can  enjoy together.  We've just surpassed 125 titles (currently at 127) but there are more waiting, at the local library, for pick-up ... so I am sure the tally will be going higher very quickly!

Many of our recent books have been from "Tiger Tales" publications.  They usually have a surprising "twist" at the conclusion of the story which makes bedtime reading fun!

Just a few more books and we'll hit the 150 title mark!  If you don't regularly go to your local library, why don't you make a trip there to borrow some books for your summer reading?  I'm sure you'd be glad you did!

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