Thursday, 26 May 2011

FIELD TRIPS ~ Creative Kids Museum/TELUS World of Science, Calgary

The TELUS "World of Science" website describes their "Creative Kids Museum" as a place "where curiosity grows."  It urges patrons to "explore the sights and sounds of an area that immerses children in a world of art, science and technology."

Since Isobel wasn't too interested in viewing the many artifacts salvaged from the wreck of the RMS Titanic, the "Creative Kids Museum" was a lifesaver.  She loved participating in the many activities available for youngsters.  Eventually John came to "spell me off" so I could go back to look at the exhibits that I had been looking forward to seeing for several months.

Activities for children included ~ a pattern wall; a special heat wall you could touch and see various colours in your handprint; a centre where you could make crafts with fabric and foam stickers; a bed of nails to lie on; musical tiles on the floor you could jump on; play tunnels you could climb through; a quiet room for Mums and children aged 5 and under; and other activities, far too numerous to mention!  It seemed like the creators of this space for children literally "thought of everything!"

I took photos of Isobel enjoying several of the activities offered:

Children could play guitars on a little stage
 with real music and a mirror to watch themselves in ... 
... build with huge foam blocks ... 
... write on a wall with markers (Isobel drew a heart) ... 
... make pictures with ice cubes and powdered paint ...

...  sit in a wacky, giant chair ...

... and play with interlocking blocks.
Admission to the "Creative Kids Museum" was included in the price of the tickets to the main TELUS "World of Science" exhibit. (This was $12 per child.)

I'm sure Isobel would love to go back to play some more ~ if only Calgary wasn't quite so far away!


  1. sounds like fun! when are you going to post about the NewCap news tour---I have been waiting for it :)

  2. We would like to post about our NewCap News tour but we are experiencing technical difficulties with our camera and currently cannot download any of the many photographs that we took that morning. Hopefully we will be able to find an XD card reader soon! Thank you for your patience.
    Denise and Alisdair