Tuesday, 10 May 2011

CELEBRATIONS ~ Late Night Fireworks Fun!

On Saturday evening (May 7), as part of the Neilburg Composite School graduation festivities, for the Class of 2011, a fireworks display was held!  Since it was just down the block, both Alisdair and Isobel were excited to go to see the show.  So, just before 11 PM, we drove down to the school and climbed the small hill at the back of the playground, near the track, to enjoy the presentation.  It was a little chilly, but a fun new twist, to graduation!

The show lasted for approximately 15 minutes and, I am told, cost about $600.  Isobel was enjoying herself so much, she jumped up and down exclaiming, "I can't believe Johnny is missing this!"  (Her stepdad had chosen to go to sleep instead of watching the display and she felt he had made the wrong decision!)

After the fun was over, we headed home and the children went to bed, with visions of fireworks dancing in their heads!

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