Tuesday, 1 March 2011

BOOK REVIEWS ~ Eloise At The Wedding ~ By: Margaret McNamara

What little girl doesn't love a wedding?  Eloise certainly does!  And Isobel does too!

Isobel also "loved, loved, loved" this Eloise book.  (Eloise has a habit of repeating herself three times!)  Perhaps she related to it so well because Eloise wears a pink fuzzy bathrobe for much of the story ~ just like the one Isobel got from her grandparents for a Christmas present!  Maybe it was because Isobel remembers being the flower girl when her stepfather and I got married back in January of 2009.  Or maybe it was simply imagining herself walking down the aisle clad in her pink bathrobe, tossing rose petals.  Whatever the reason, Margaret McNamara's "Eloise at the Wedding" was a big hit!

Is this Isobel or Eloise??

For more wedding fun, try this online game.  Your child can dress up a flower girl or other members of a  bridal party.

As Eloise says, (on the last page of the story), "Oooooooo I love, love love weddings!"  Don't you??! 

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