Wednesday, 9 March 2011

KINDERGARTEN ~ "W" is the Letter of the Day

A pink alphabet coaster!
Pink is Isobel's favourite colour!!
I was driving Isobel to her ballet lesson on Monday afternoon.  Since it takes half an hour each way, for the journey, we were trying to make good use of our time together by having a conversation about what she had done in school that day.  I learned the "Letter of the Day" had been 'W.'

"What words begin with a 'W'?," I asked.  "Whitney and Wiens," was the unusual response I got from Isobel, (these are the surnames of two of the other Kindergarten students).  "And Watermelon and Window!"

We talked about the words "Win," "Wise" and "Wisdom."  Then she mumbled something I didn't understand.

"What?," I asked.  She laughed.  " 'What' starts with a 'W', too," Isobel informed me.

From this "jumping off" point we began a bit of a guessing game:

* Something you can wear and it helps you tell the time (WATCH);
*  the place where you put your watch (WRIST);
*  something you could be on Hallowe'en if you wore a black costume and a pointy hat (WITCH);
*  a kind of animal that isn't tame and is dangerous and it rhymes with 'Child' (WILD);
*  another word for hot dogs (WIENERS);
* what Grandpa puts in his fire (WOOD);

 are just a few examples.

We had words like "Wednesday,"  "Welcome,"  and "Whoops."  The 'W' game lasted for the entire trip to dance class.  If it was a particularly unusual 'W', we did a "High Five!"  The game was "Wonderful!"

Yesterday, I picked Isobel up from Kindergarten and headed for the gas station to get some fuel.  "What was the letter of the day?,"  I asked.

" 'X,' " was the reply.  Then Isobel explained they were now doing the letters "in order" as initially, at the start of the year, they had been studying them at random.

"Well, the only word I can think of that starts with 'X' is "X-ray," I said.  Isobel couldn't think of another 'X' word either, and our game ended abruptly.

Isobel attends Kindergarten again this Thursday when the "Letter of the Day" should be 'Y.'  I'll have to think ahead to come up with some appropriate words like "Yak," "Yam," "Yellow," "Yard," and "Yodel."

So what's YOUR "Letter of the Day?"

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