Thursday, 24 March 2011

SPELLING ~ Unit 3 ~ Paddington Bear's Adventure

Alisdair has written a story using the spelling words from this week's Unit.  He is using the workbook, "Building Spelling Skills Grade 6+," which is published by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers.

Paddington Bear's Adventure

(Highlighting words with the short and long 'O' vowel sounds
 and recognizing the 'aw' sound spelled 'O')


A stowaway named Paddington Bear was on a ship, hiding in a lifeboat.  The only problem was, when an officer came and turned the boat upside down, it made Paddington's oxygen level lower.  From his hiding place, Paddington heard a little girl recite a poem. Then he heard clapping because everyone in the audience thought the poetry was brilliant.  He often got frightened that someone would catch him, as lots of men with trolleys kept coming by.  When his trip was over, Paddington quietly got off the boat and went to the zoo, where he saw an antelope.  Then he went to see the fish at the aquarium and an old proverb came to mind.  He got an envelope out of his suitcase and slipped a zoo leaflet into it so he could post it, with what little money he had.  He was very obstinate when the zoo was closing as he wanted to stay longer. The young bear approached the Browns. They saw his tag that read, "Please look after this bear.  Thank you!" Although they weren't planning to take a bear home with them, they took Paddington to #32 Windsor Gardens.  When they arrived, Mrs. Bird was getting an awl out of a drawer so Paddington went to watch television, with a marmalade sandwich and a coke.  At first a show about atoms and molecules was being shown.  As he searched through the channels, Paddington came across an old replay of an Olympic awards ceremony.  Hockey was on BBC Sports.  The goalie made a good save, after the star player tried to shoot it in the net, past several obstacles.

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