Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SKETCH TUESDAY ~ "Something With Claws!"

Santa Claus???
I knew Alisdair had a sense of humour, but this character trait is very evident in his contribution for this week's "Sketch Tuesday" assignment!

Participants were asked to "draw something with claws."  As you can see from the slideshow most of the children drew bears, lions, cats, dogs and birds.  But Alisdair had to be funny and play on the "pun" in the words "Claus" and "claws," and so he drew the Jolly Old Elf, himself.  What does it matter that it is March?  St. Nicholas is obviously a "man for all seasons!"

Next Tuesday's assignment is to draw "something that it is an ingredient in a fruit salad."  Join the fun, if you want, and send your sketch to "Harmony Art Mom," at sketchtuesday@yahoo.com, before 9 p.m. PST Monday, April 4th.  All contributions are welcomed!

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  1. A very nice drawing Alisdair! Keep it up!