Tuesday, 15 March 2011

CHARITY ~ Central Mexico Mission Society ~ Wheelchair Project

Uncle Vance
This is Vance ~ Alisdair's favourite uncle, who is a hairdresser and lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and sons.  Vance has a heart for missions in Mexico and has recently returned from a quick trip to that country.  He has been many times and plans to fly down again in early April.

One of his Mexican friends was in the "wrong place at the wrong time" and ended up being shot in the back.  He is now paralyzed and his Mother is looking after him.  This is very difficult, at the moment, because they do not have a wheelchair or a handicapped accessible bathroom in their house.  It's hard for a woman to carry her grown son ~ even a short distance.

So, Vance came back from Mexico with a burden to raise the necessary funds to build a washroom and to buy a wheelchair for these people.  Vance has found a Mexican builder who is willing to help with the renovations.  All that's needed now is the money for the project.  Vance has posted a note on his Facebook account and already people are wanting to help.  One family donated their bottles ~ and when they were cashed in, it came to $52.

Alisdair wanted to help, too, so we have sent this month's charitable donation from his paper route to this worthy cause.

Donations can be sent to:

The Central Mexico Mission Society
P. O. Box #1027
T0G 2A0

(In answer to the comment at the bottom, the amount that is needed for this is $2,500.00 ~ well within reach... and yes, "every drop counts!")

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  1. hey guys, Vance & Alistair...
    my name is Jesse, and i'd like to help.
    i'm just wondering about the amount you're looking to raise. would $5 bucks do anything? $50bcuks? if the goal is, say $50,000, a lil $5 dollar donation is just a drop in the bucket (although "a drop is a drop", i guess).
    lemmie know. Bless ya, Bros,
    ~Jesse Hansell