Thursday, 17 March 2011

POSTCROSSING ~ Postcard #4 ~ Arrives in the Netherlands

Postcard Alisdair sent to the Netherlands
The blue lighthouse postcard we sent to Gerda in the Netherlands took 17 days to arrive.  It covered 6,780 kms (or 4,213 miles) on its journey.  Gerda is a very active member of the "Postcrossing" community, having sent and received more than a thousand cards over a three year period!  The site states the distance her cards have now covered is more than 3.6 million kms.

Path postcard took
With this postcard registered, as having been delivered, the "Postcrossing" website generated another address for Alisdair. This one is for a young man named Vlad who resides in Moscow, Russia!

We've had many interesting places to send postcards to already. I can see why people like Gerda could continue to enjoy sending and receiving them over a long period of time.

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