Monday, 28 March 2011

SPEECH ARTS ~ 84% ~ For "Life As A Paper Boy" Speech

Certificate of First Time Performance ~ Speech Arts
It was nerve wracking, but Alisdair made it!  He stumbled a little, at first, but managed to deliver the whole speech "Life As A Paper Boy."  He was the last person on the afternoon program and the only competitor in the Class (there was supposed to be another speech, but the presenter was a 'no-show.')

He had an agonizingly long wait - through eight folk songs/folk ballads delivered by singers 16 years and under.  Then there were six poems, a girl participating in story telling, and another individual who gave a dramatic rendition of a monologue from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown."  At last it was Alisdair's turn.

He took a copy of Saturday's Saskatoon Star Phoenix up with him.  The bold black headline read "HARPER GOVERNMENT FALLS" and underneath the sub-head was "PM expected to see Governor General today; election in May."

The adjudicator was Phyllis Thomson.  She gave him 84%, which is equivalent to an A- and is defined as a performance with "Definite Merit."

Certificate of Honor
Public Speaking ~ 14 Years of Age and Under
Her remarks were:

"Once you got into the 'stream' you enjoyed yourself more fully.  "cul de sac"  This is a good beginning in public speaking.  Perhaps use the music stand to hold your notes so that you can maintain eye contact as much as possible [we didn't know he was allowed to do so, or he would have!]  Once you know your speech a little more fully, then you will be able to space your words even more completely.  This was a long item to remember and you accomplished well.  Thank you, Alisdair."

It was, in itself, beneficial for Alisdair and I to have the opportunity to watch others perform before competing in the Sacred Reading and Poetry classes.  Now, at least, we know the proper procedures ~ like waiting for the secretary to read out each Class number and the competitor's names, ~ or how they adjudicate items a page at a time.  We'll both be doing a lot of polishing between now and Friday... we need to be at the venue at 9 a.m. so that means leaving home either the night before or about 7 a.m!  The things we do for the love of the arts....!

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  1. Well done! Keep up the polishing for Friday!