Tuesday, 8 March 2011

POSTCROSSING ~ Postcard #1 ~ Received in Nonthaburi, Thailand

You may recall our recent discovery of the "Postcrossing" website.  Alisdair and I mailed off five postcards on Friday, February 25th to destinations in the USA, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.  I was sure the card enroute to Mississippi would arrive first.  I was very wrong!

Our first "Postcrossing" card to be registered...
The first card to arrive in the recipient's mailbox was sent to a girl named Thippawan in Nonthaburi, Thailand.  She has been a member of the group for over two years. The "Postcrossing" site says the distance the card travelled was 12,120 kms or 7,531 miles.  The card was registered on March 8th.

Route card took
With the registration process now complete, Alisdair's address will be automatically generated by the site and he will receive a card from someone else, somewhere in the world!  We can also send another postcard, now that this one has arrived.  The next address we were given to send a card to is in Munich, Germany!

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