Tuesday, 8 March 2011

SKETCH TUESDAY ~ Something Beginning With The Letter "H"

Alisdair came up with unique art project beginning with the letter "H" for "Sketch Tuesday" ...

Alisdair's interpretation of the logo.
I guess he thought the slogan "Home Owners helping homeowners" had lots of "H's" in it!  There were lots of horses, hummingbirds, hearts, heads, hair, helmets ~ even a drawing of the Harmony Art Mom ~ as well as  many other imaginative things ~ in the Sketch Tuesday slideshow this week, but, Alisdair was right.  His drawing was the only "Home Hardware" logo!

Watch the entire show HERE.

Next week's project ~ sketch something associated with a "Three Ring Circus."  Imagine yourself as the Ringmaster and then draw your exploits "Under the Big Top!"

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