Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SKETCH TUESDAY ~ Something You Would See at the Circus . . .

Snacks at the Circus
Last week's "Sketch Tuesday" assignment was to draw something you might see at the circus.  Alisdair has never been to a circus, so he found it hard to decide what to sketch.  He had only begun drawing when I took Isobel to her ballet lesson and so I had no idea what he had actually come up with.  I was pleasantly surprised to see his popcorn and drink picture when I returned home.

You can view the entire Three Ring Circus Slideshow here.

Next week's assignment may be difficult for Alisdair, too.  Participants are asked to draw an item of jewelery.  You can draw a person wearing the bling, if it is easier to depict it that way.  Maybe Alisdair can sketch Kate Middleton's engagement ring handed down from Princess Diana ~ or the 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace that was featured in the Titanic movie!  While we may not be rich enough to actually buy fancy diamonds and gold, we CAN draw them.  See you next week ... when "Sketch Tuesday" gives Tiffany & Company some stiff competition ... with a glittering slideshow!

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