Wednesday, 9 March 2011

READING ~ 75 Library Books Down ~ Upwards to 100

A friendly book worm!

When we started this homeschooling journey in September 2010, and began using the Lakeland Library Region's inter-library loan facilities, we also began keeping lists of books we had read ~ both for pleasure and for school work.  We are learning every book has an adventure between its covers.  We're also learning books can be our friends!

Our "bedtime reading" list just surpassed number 75 ~ so we are well on our way to our initial goal of 100 books.  We are thinking of celebrating the milestone in some special way ~ maybe renting a movie or baking a cake!  Or we could just borrow another stack of good reading material and cozy up under a quilt and enjoy the art of reading together!  Just 23 more titles until we have to make up our minds...

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