Thursday, 3 March 2011

CONTESTS ~ Lloydminster Co-op Kids Club Colouring Competition

Tuesday, when Alisdair was away, (and Isobel was off school), I picked up the latest issue of The Lloydminster Source newspaper.  Inside was a large advertisement/colouring competition for the Lloydminster Co-op.  Apparently they have a "Kids Club" where children get a membership card that they can show at the grocery store bakery and get a free cookie whenever they are shopping.  There are also special activities planned for members and online computer games for their exclusive use.

When I showed Isobel the picture, she said, "Another colouring contest?  Well, it is worth a try!"  I thought that was so funny, as it was only about a month ago she had entered another competition, in the hope of winning tickets to a theatre performance ~ and was disappointed when it didn't happen.

This time, in addition to joining the Club, Isobel can also win "one of three awesome prize packages" ~ they aren't any more specific than that, so much of the contest remains a mystery!

Out came the Crayola crayons.  It didn't take long before the picture was ready to pop in the mail.  The deadline is March 18th, so we'll be waiting for a while before we can determine if Isobel's luck has improved with this contest!

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