Monday, 14 March 2011

BOOK REVIEWS ~ Several Titles from "Tiger Tales"

What's under there???

You've probably heard the expression, "One thing leads to another...." ~ well, that's exactly what happened when it came to reading a stack of library books published by a company called "Tiger Tales."  Alisdair found some British advertising (for Marks and Spencers).  They were selling childrens' books.  So we ordered the titles that were advertised through inter-library loans.  One of these was "Mouse, Mole and the Falling Star" by A. H. Benjamin.  Since this book was so enjoyable, we searched the library catalogue for other titles written by Mr. Benjamin and found another called "Baa!  Moo! What Will We Do?"  

The book that "started it all!'
The "Baa!  Moo!" book was printed by "Tiger Tales" and on the last page, (just before the back cover), we found some more advertising.  This one said, "Explore the world of Tiger Tales!"  and recommended about half a dozen other titles.  And so we ordered these newly suggested books from inter-library loans.  A few weeks ago a large stack of "Tiger Tales" arrived for our reading pleasure.

One of these was "A Monster Under Alex's Bed," by Angelika Glitz, and another was "The Very Lazy Ladybug" by Isobel Finn.  And, of course, at the very end of each story, there is yet another page advertising MORE books published by "Tiger Tales."  We could entertain ourselves for weeks to come, just reading books from this one printer!

There is no denying it ~ the "Tiger Tale" books ARE fun and entertaining.  See for yourself, as searching their online catalogue is as easy as the "click of a mouse."  You can become a member of the site and write reviews of their books or keep track of which titles you have not yet read.  They describe themselves as "an independent publisher of imaginative picture and novelty books for children seven and under. Whether the story is funny, whimsical, sweet, or sensitive, Tiger Tale books are designed to entertain and educate."

The three "Tiger Tales" on our reading list, thus far, have certainly lived up to that promise.  Who would have thought there would be a kangaroo on a farm? (Baa!  Moo! What Will We Do?) Or that a tiny mouse would make so much noise it could be mistaken for a red-eyed scary monster? (A Monster Under Alex's Bed)  Or a ladybug would learn to fly just because a friendly elephant happened to sneeze?  (The Very Lazy Ladybug).  My littlest beginning reader especially enjoyed the last title, as the author happens to share the same first name (and spelling) as her Christian name,  and the illustrator's last name is "Tickle" ~ which, of course, amused her 5-year old funny bone!

We'll definitely be adding more "Tiger Tales" to our library reading list ... since they are a "ROARING SUCCESS" at our house!

... and  just HOW lazy was she????

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