Thursday, 3 March 2011

SKETCH TUESDAY ~ Birdfeeders (With or Without Birds!) ~ In Watercolour

"Sketch Tuesday" ~ Watercolour painting
We knew Alisdair would probably be at his grandparent's house at the beginning of this week, and so we had to submit our contribution for "Sketch Tuesday" earlier than our usual Monday night just before the deadline rush!

The last time I went grocery shopping in Lloydminster, Alisdair came with me.  We stopped at Staples Business Depot to do some photocopying and he found a set of Reeves watercolour paints on a table.  The tag said $4.95.  It seemed like a good deal, so we picked them up.  Later, at the register, we discovered everything on that particular display was actually half price, so the paints were only $2.50!  I guess we should have gone back to get another set, but we didn't.

Since Alisdair was anxious to try out his new paint set, he broke out the watercolours for "Sketch Tuesday."  He made one painting with a blue birdfeeder.

First Painting ~ Enroute to Scotland!
Then he decided he should do another painting (since the first was so much fun).  Once he was done, the difficult part began.  We liked both paintings but you can only submit one piece of artwork per person to the slideshow.  Finally it was decided that the blue birdfeeder painting would be sent to his Scottish grandparents and the other picture would be in the show.

When I emailed the picture to Barb McCoy, I added a few lines to thank her for implementing "Sketch Tuesday," and indicating that it has been a blessing to our family.  I KNOW we wouldn't be doing this kind of artwork, if we didn't have the encouragement from Barb to do a specific project each week.

She replied:  "I am so glad to hear that Sketch Tuesday is such an encouragement to your family, it keeps me motivated to know that there are children that are enjoying their sketching (and painting) as part of their education. Please let your son know that I enjoyed seeing his lovely birdfeeder and birds. I love to watercolor and it is fun to see someone else enjoying it too."

Next week's topic ~ Draw something that begins with the letter "H."  It will be interesting to see the variety of entries that participants will come up with on that open-ended assignment.  Isobel and I have already been talking about things that begin with "H" ~ maybe she'll send a contribution next time, too!

Click here to see the Birdfeeder slideshow.

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